Choosing the right site for online poker, for example, can take a little work. With so many sites out there, the choice is a little overwhelming and research often needs to be done to be sure the site is reputable.


Look at these five things, however, and they will easily help you narrow down some of the sites you find to the best online poker sites for what you specifically want.


Sign up bonuses — Any site you sign up for should offer sign up bonuses. If you sign up for a site that does not, you are turning down free money to gamble with from another site that does.


Loyalty rewards and VIP programs — If you plan on gambling on online poker regularly, be sure to sign up with a site that offers both loyalty rewards and VIP programs.


Some sites reward their customers with monthly monetary bonuses as well as VIP programs that give special perks to their customers that spend a lot. If this is likely to be you, compare a few sites to see who offers the best programs. After all, even if you end up losing on most hands, you will still get some of the money that you lose back every month in a rewards program.


High quality, reliable software — Online poker games are run on a specific software platform. Some sites use reliable software that rarely has problems and is easy to learn. The sites that want to cut financial corners use unreliable software that breaks down quite often, or that bumps you out of a game in the middle of it.


If a site you are looking at offers a ‘free games’ option, be sure to test it out before signing up as this will give you a chance to test the software as well. Only sign up with a site using high quality software, as dealing with one that has problems will cause you too much frustration and could even cause you to lose money.


How many active players are there? — The reputable sites will usually be able to tell you how many active players are currently using the site.


This is particularly important if you enjoy playing in large poker tournaments, as sites with more active players will usually have higher competition but also much bigger jackpots.


If you do decide you want to play in tournaments, however, be sure to also check the buy-in fees to make sure they are affordable.


A wide variety of stakes — Some sites stick to high stake games while others offer thousands of one and two cent games but not as many in the higher stake levels.

Find a site offering a wide variety of stakes as, if you are new at playing online poker, you will want to start off in a one or two cent game. As you become more knowledgeable with how the game is played, however, you will want to progress and have the option to gamble in higher stake rooms.