The world of betting (quick plug for ไอเบท789 – easy to start on!) is high-paced, unforgiving, relentless and often keeps you up at night. “I hope I made the right decision,” rings through your brain hundreds of times. Although many people think that betting is a game of chance where only a lucky-few come out with a fat pocket, there are certain principles that successful people use to ensure long-term profit. If you’re the type of person that never wants to leave their finances up to chance, this article is for you.



Calculate Your Chances for a Payout

What separates the amateurs from the big boys, among other things, is that the seasoned veteran knows how to properly gauge their odds on any given bet. Are you the type of person that says “I think this team is good! I’m going to place a bet.” Or are you the type of individual that has logic and reasoning behind your mindset? Following this, many intermediate players use newfound information as a leveraging point when placing money on a game. Although this is better than the first person mentioned, it doesn’t guarantee long-term profit over the years. Just because a player showcased talent in college, or the next “up-and-comer” was recruited to your favorite team, does not mean that a particular game will go well. Players have off days — so do we. When we can properly asses these variables, we can begin to predict a vague future for ourselves.



So… What Do I Do?

Now that we’ve done our job of scaring you (we’re sorry), we need to formulate an approach that will work for us. Although some level of basic mathematics can be used to improve our betting odds, we need to take various pieces of data into consideration before throwing any money down.


  1. What are the Weather Conditions?

This is an area that most novice, and even some intermediate, betting enthusiasts miss out on. Weather conditions and environmental details can play a huge role in how well a team will perform in an upcoming game. NFL and soccer (or football for our European friends), live and win by these variables. The next time you make a bet on these games, get a 7-day forecast from multiple sources. Although this may seem odd, it can radically improve your odds.


  1. Stat Charts and Player History

Another component that the professional uses to his advantage is the complete history of a ‘hot’ player on a team. Every team has a player that sticks out from the rest. Although some are better than others, many people sway their opinion of a win or loss based on who has the better star player on their roster. But the professional will go into the analytical details of the history of injuries on both sides of the field. Who has the most injured players? Who just came off a surgery? Whose arm is questionable? These are all factors that need to be considered.