Your first few times sports betting online, for instance with judi bola, will probably be exciting. If you do not prepare for them properly, however, they could also be extremely costly.

That is why, before you ever get online to place a bet, you should follow these tips to help you bet the right way.


Start with a staking plan — If you are like most beginning sports gamblers, you probably feel like you are well prepared simply because you have a bankroll.

To be properly prepared, however, you should have a staking plan within that bankroll and then stick to it.

A good staking plan would be to only bet 1% of all the money in your bankroll every time you place a bet. That would give you enough money for 100 bets before you were out of money.


Be selective about the sports you choose — Too many new online gamblers get into sports betting online and begin to bet on anything they find interesting. This is a quick way to lose everything you have.

Only bet on sports you understand and where you can see an opportunity just from the teams, players and facts you already know something about.


Shop around for the best odds — Never place bets without first having checked the odds at several online casinos. This is also why you should have signed up at several places before you begin to bet.

Odds vary from place to place and, if you bet and win, you could find yourself being paid out much less than if you had chosen a casino with better odds in the first place.

With the difference in odds from casino to casino giving you as much as a 10% difference in the payout you get, choosing the wrong place could be a substantial mistake.

Identify the best opportunities — You may also discover several ways of wagering on a game that all look like they could be fun.

The bottom line, though, is that some will be much better opportunities than others if they do eventually pay off.

Look at every opportunity to wager in a game and decide the wager that is the most likely to give you a win. Whether that is wagering on the points spread rather than the number of goals scored, or the total line rather than some other outcome.


Learn about betting strategies — There are certain betting strategies many online gamblers use as they can be effective. When you first get into sports betting online, it would pay you to learn about them.

Look for websites or other gamblers that can explain to you what things like chasing steam, low risk multiples and arbitrage betting are when it comes to having a strategy.

After all, one of these strategies may be perfect for your particular bankroll and betting skills.