Popularly referred to as tight-aggressive TAG playstyle today has become a preeminent game amongst online poker players. Usually, TAGs enter the pot with a steady hand and proceed to play aggressively on the later streets. TAG style also referred to as “king of all styles,” has no excellent encounter-strategy to deal with a great tight-aggressive. TAG style has always been the most recommended poker playing style for starters. This is because, despite the play is online, one can quickly learn good hand selection and the power of position, which keeps you one from many tight spots.

Ways to Exploit Tight-Aggressive Players

In this game, one can identify the best online TAG player by observing how the player hands the plays and how aggressively s (he) is in playing them. If a large percentage of his/her hands are high-quality, you can be sure they are excellent TAG players. Additionally, if the player puts his chips in even stacks of 20, he can be a tough TAG player. After identifying a tight-aggressive player, be able to exploit him/her depending on his capability to adjust the play after he/she notices your attempt to exploit him. Below are some tactics you can use to exploit a TAG playstyle and reap the best.

  1. Aggression and Strength

First, you need to recognize that your counterpart’s aggressiveness is his/her strength. So when he bets, don’t give him/her any action unless you have a hand with good drawing potential. In cases, the player is tight; you can choose not to play against him. At times, he/she might be a few hands, so resolve to fold your hand on infrequent occasion after his bet and instead wait for the next hand.

  1. Speculating Against the Sticky TAGs

Most of the aggressive players have a few hands to play. Therefore, they tend to be sticky on the few playable hands they don’t want to give. You can choose to raise their pre-flop by giving many speculation hands, whereby if you win, you let them bet themselves into penury against your two flushes. In case you miss, you can fold to their bet on the flop.

  1. Selectively use their Bluff

You can also raise the tight-aggressive player to the flop as a bluff. By this, you get them to release their hand, fearing that they are in the second position. At times, they may call your flop raise, hoping for a perfect turn. Here you have to fire another bet on the turn for them to fold.

For you to be a great aplikasi judi online poker player, you need to identify the type of player you are playing up against and apply the tactics mentioned above to exploit them. However, TAG players are easy to spot and have high aggressive skills, but you can make some money off them by applying high-level tactics to beat them.