Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is also a sport that is popular for betting all around the world, even in foreign countries – just check out jadwal sepak bola malam ini. In soccer, you can place many different kinds of bets and most of them are pretty straight-forward. You would need to know about all the different kinds of bets before placing your bets. You will learn about all the different types of bet in this article.

Money Line

It is the most popular type of bets in soccer where you have to predict which team would win or if the match would be a draw. There are only three options to choose from and you would win only if you pick the right outcome out of the three. It is really easy to understand which makes it one of the most popular bets in soccer.

Draw no bet

This is also a very popular type of soccer bets and is almost like the Money Line bet. There is only one slight difference in this bet. In case of a draw, the bet would be canceled and you would get fully refunded. In this case, your money is safer and you don’t have to worry about losing money because of a draw.

Halftime result

This bet is also similar to Money Line but instead of betting on the outcome of the match after the whole ninety minutes only the first 45 minutes of the match is considered. It is easier to predict than Money Line and most people like to place their wager on this type of bet. Like Money Line, there are also only three possible outcomes of this bet.

Score/No score

In this type of bet, you have to pick a team and just predict if the team is going to make a score or not. It is very easy to understand and also one of the most popular types of bet.

Correct Score

In this type of bet, you have to predict the correct score of both the team after ninety minutes of playing. It is difficult to get the scores right as the number of outcomes can be so many. If you get only the outcome of one team then you would also lose. Once you select the number of goals for both the teams separately you can lock in your bets.

First Goalscorer

This is a relatively easy bet to understand bet but it is a very hard bet to win. You have to predict correctly which player from both the teams would score the first goal. You can pick one player from either team and if that player scores the first goal then you win the bet.