Online gambling is popular all over Asia, with hundreds of millions of people gambling on the Internet every day.


There are three online casino games that are more popular in Asia than any others, though. These are the games more people gamble on and win on than any other online game.


Mahjong — While this is not often a game that is popular in the United States or Europe, Mahjong is hugely popular all over Asia, but specifically in China.


It is a game that has been played in Chinese families for generations, and is still extremely popular with both young and old Chinese. As Chinese culture has spread across the rest of Asia, other Asian countries have also begun to play it and then gamble on it as well.


With the advent of the Internet Mahjong went digital, and millions of Asians soon followed it online where they began to gamble on it there as well.


Mahjong is a dominoes-style game where bets are placed before any domino has even been dealt. Other bets are placed after each new round is played, so a typical game can have many different bets placed in it per person. Once one player has been able to collect 14 winning tiles, the game has been won.


Keno — Keno is another game that is thought to have originated in China. It is also a game that is enormously popular in online casinos, especially with Asians who have grown up playing the game.


It is similar to games like Bingo in that you are given a Keno card. Where it differs is you choose your own 20 numbers on the card, and then the Keno machine rolls its own numbers. The more Keno numbers you match out of your 20 numbers, the more money you win.


There are also a variety of betting options that make Keno even more fun to play. They include betting on a straight ticket, a king ticket or a combination ticket. Each ticket has different payout chances, and larger payouts depending on the ticket you choose.


It has become one of the top three kasino online games in Asia due to it offering extremely large payouts to the winner.


Pai Gow — Pai Gow is another Asian-invented game that is still hugely popular in online casinos when it comes to Asian players.


The game is yet another one that was invented in China and then played in millions of Chinese households. It is also played with dominoes.


Pai Gow is played with several other players, but the outcome of the game is between you and the dealer. In other words, if your hand is a better hand than the dealer’s hand at the end of the game, you win. If your hand is worse than his, you lose.


Pai Gow is also becoming popular in online casinos with non-Asian gamblers, as they see the millions of Asian players betting on the game and they want to know why.